Road trip. Tänava(m)elu, Los Angeles. /.../ Aztec Dance is one of the most basic expressions of artistic and cultural spirit of the native people of Mexico. For the Aztecs this tradition was a part of life, and fortunately we are able to see this fascinating way of life today. /.../ The serpent-like actions represent fertility, the squatting to the floor represent the earth and crops, the twirling in the air represent the soul, the alternating of forward and backward steps represent fire, and the zigzag steps represent water. These steps are extremely simplistic, but this is what enabled the dancers to concentrate on their goals and their prayer. They connected everything that was part of the dance with nature, and therefore made it easier for the body, mind and nature to become one. The individual dancers also work together to become one entity and reach the goal of complete attentiveness. The dancers unite to create a corporal expression to worship and communicate with their gods as they are expressed in nature./.../
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