MAALITUD MÄGEDESSE sõidab me välisukse eest startides nii umbes kaks tundi. Võtsime järjekordse väikese kodulähedase road-tripi ette, kahe ööbimisega. Mägede kohta pole muud öelda kui et - õnnestunud maalritöö! :-)


"THE PAINTED HILLS are listed as one of the SEVEN WONDERS OF OREGON - named after the colorful layers of its hills corresponding to various geological eras, formed when the area was an ancient river floodplain.
The unique coloursthat streak the clay rich hills and mounds were formed over 35 million years ago different volcanic eruptions and changing climate patterns.  Layers of ash and different types of soil mixed with minerals and plant material and eroded causing the unique coloring of the Painted Hills landscape we see today.

The black soil is lignite that was vegetative matter that grew along the floodplain. The grey coloring is mudstone, siltstone, and shale.The red coloring is laterite soil that formed by floodplain deposits when the area was warm and humid. An abundance of fossil remains of early horses, camels, and rhinoceroses in the Painted Hills unit makes the area particularly important to vertebrate paleontologists."
Oct 06/2016