Maakera ON ümmargune/Earth IS round

OREGONI LIIVADÜÜNID. Juunukuine road trip. Kuuskümmend kilomeetrit liivalagendikke piki ookeanikallast, suurim veeäärne 'liivalaiutus' kogu Põhja-Ameerikas.
OREGON DUNES. Road trip in June. 
/.../The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is located on the Oregon Coast, stretching approximately 40 miles (60 km) north from the Coos River in North Bend, to the Siuslaw River, in Florence.
 These are the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in North America. Some dunes tower up to 500 feet (150 m) above sea level.  In 1963, Congressman Robert B. Duncan introduced a bill to establish a National Park at the Oregon Dunes. It passed the Senate Interior Committee unanimously. 
Author Frank Herbert was inspired (in part) to write the famous science fiction novel Dune based on his research about the dunes of this area./.../