Laupäevaõhtune POTLUCK naabrite pool, kümmekond naabriperet kohal. 'Potiõnn' on üks ütlemata tore tava, teeb kokkutulemise võõrustajate elu kergeks. Too punane katus taamal, kanjoni äärel, see on meie valduste garaazh/töökoda/panipaik. Kodumaja ise on puude taga varjus.


Yesterdays potluck with neighbours. Really, really nice people, all of them. By the way, that red-roofed house there down on the background is one of the buildings of our household (garage/shed). Our home is behind the trees. Spot the cows! :-) Food was all home-made and simply de-li-ci-ous.I honestly don't know where that Americans =McDonalds myth is coming from. Almost everyone I know here are great cooks, both men and women.