Nonii. Tänasest on Venemaal üks oblast juures. Esialgu veel USA nime all, aga küllap midagi slaavipärasemat välja mõeldakse. Kogu Ameerika ringutab käsi, kaasa arvatud Trumpi parteikaaslased ja Trumpi-meelsed meediakanalid. Donald lihtsalt läks ja parseldas riigi Helsingis Putinile maha. Isegi totaalselt Trumpi-meelne Fox News on shokis:

„For a sitting U.S. president to say publicly that he believes a foreign leader over his own intelligence team is shocking and admonishable. At a time when our democracy faces grave threats, it is deeply troubling that the president would side with the very country who attacked us.“ /.../ Additionally, Trump also failed to address the concerns of our NATO allies Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in the Baltics regarding the territorial threats they persistently face. Trump, throughout the entire press conference, failed to condemn or even acknowledge the illegality of Putin’s actions in Crimea and Ukraine."

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July 16/2018
Image: Internet 
“No one man can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his accomplices.”― Edward R. Murrow