Oregonis on värvid intensiivsed. Paul, kolmkümmend aastat New Mexico kõrbes elanud, mina neli - nii me nüüd mõlemad kohaneme täiesti uue kliimaga. Valgus, lõhnad, värvid - kõik uus. Siin kaks fotot, võetud umbes tunnise vahega, meie maja ees. Yarko pall kah murul kenasti näha:)
We have very, very intense colours here in Oregon. Such a difference, compared with various shades of faded golden and warm brown in Las Cruces. Light, smells, colours - everything is new for us here. Those two pic's are taken an hour or such apart, in front of our home.Yarko's good old basketball being on the foreground. That ball travelled with him all the way from Estonia by the way:)