Polishing my survival skills:)
Part one. Introduction.
Drove to the Forest. After finishing our 1,5 hr walk loaded Yarko into the car and started to turn around on the narrowish' forest trail. Wasn't open-eyed enough and got the front right wheel into the hole in the ground. The wheel fitted in perfectly:)
Part two. The Plan.
Came out of the car, evaluated the Situation. Phone is always with me, charged, so I thought that in the worst case I could call to one of my friends, explain where I am and let him pull me out with his jeep. But situation didn't look too hopeless. I had the shovel in the car and loads of pine tree branches laying around. Also had water for Y, and for myself, to do the hard work:)
Part three. Action.
Started with digging the the hole much bigger from two sides - behind and in front of the wheel. Added branches nr 1. (see the scheme:). Then started the car, moved it back ca 20 cm, so I could put the branch nr 3 under the wheel. Continued to move car back and forth to add branches to lift the wheel higher. Ground was soft and sandy so I didn't want to take any risks to get stuck again. Finally the wheel was lifted high enough to drive out of the hole safely. Yehaa!
Part four. Award.
Got home, took a shower (was looking like a roadman!) and poured myself a glass of cold white wine.
Teine joonis on lisatud, sest: üks Pauli sõprades ütles: "I would like the "after the award" drawing too. In the survival drawing you look a little stressed!"