Kõrb. Kunst. Naised. Idee tekkis mul ja paaril heal naistuttaval, pikalt ei mõelnud, tegime ära. Sõna levis, seltskond kasvas. Kokkuvõte - võrratu päev! Näputöö jäi enamikel meist küll lõpetamata, suhtlemine ja niisama looduse nautimine tundus tähtsam. Aga novembris läheme jälle. Kes iganes kohal oli (nagu ka need, kes sedakorda tulla ei saanud) - kõik leiavad, et on kordamist väärt. Katke laiali saadetud emailist pluss mõned fotod:

Ladies Creative Day In The Desert!
Throughout the ages, Women have been derived their female power from our Mother Earth and the nourishing company of other Women. Wherever there are Women gathering together, the Beauty and Creativeness are present - both physical and luminous. Lets get together to enjoy the beautiful Autumn Sunday and creative Female sisterhood on the foothills of The Organ Mountains!

During few hours, each of us will CREATE something. Just few examples: a painting, a drawing, a story, a poem (written by you, on the site or elswhere; or you can recite your favourite author), piece of textile (knitting, crocheting, sewing), bead work, mixed media, ’instant art’ made from materials available on site (rocks, plants etc), singing, dancing... the list is endless. Just use your Female CREATIVITY in whichever form you wish!

10 AM until approx 2 PM. Not that there would be any deadlines but by 1 PM hopefully everyone has something ready (or close to be ready). It would also be lovely to share a short story about your Idea and the process of it’s manifestation. After the ’official’ ending, you are more than welcome to stay in the wilderness longer, of course. To hike, to finish your art piece, or just to enjoy the great company.

Water, hat, sunscreen
Foldable table, if you think you’ll need it
Some snacks/beverages of your own choice, for yourself (and to share if you wish).
STUFF to create your artwork! Paper, paint, textile, beads, books, just name it.
Or your singing voice and dancing shoes, in case your Art Piece will be a performance.